What Can You Use Instead of Just Flowers at a Cooperstown Wedding?

It’s difficult to even imagine a wedding without florals. Fresh flowers are a large part of all wedding deco — they are a gorgeous, fragrant way to incorporate your wedding colors and beautify your Cooperstown venue. 

But they’re not the only way to decorate your ceremony and reception. As you’re planning out your wedding decor, from your centerpieces to your entryway, consider these unconventional decor ideas to make your wedding stand out. 

1. Donut wall Make your wedding that much sweeter by decking out an entire wall with donuts. It’s a scrumptious treat and an Instagram-worthy decoration in one! 

2. Balloons They’re not just for kid’s birthday parties anymore. Decorating your wedding with colorful balloons adds a fun, whimsical air that lets everyone know it’s time to party. 

3. Candles Add romance and beautiful soft light to any wedding reception or dinner. Feature ornate candelabras to give your wedding a vintage feel, or go with classic tapers for an elegant look. 

4. Statement floral wall If you want plenty of wedding florals without it boring or predictable, have your florist take things up a notch. Give him or her the creative liberty to create an artistic floral wall. It’ll make for some stunning photos. 

5. Greenery garlands Greenery is so trendy right now. Incorporate simple greenery garlands into your wedding, whether you hang them on the walls or use them as table runners. Bonus: greenery is way more affordable than flowers. 

6. Wax paper backdrop Feature an amazing yet simple DIY wax paper backdrop. It’s romantic, airy, and looks stunning in photos. 

Remember, the best wedding decor to choose is what you love most. Don’t worry too much about how wedding decor is supposed to look. — pick wedding decor that’s 

Beautiful and bridal for you. Because in the end, your special day is all about celebrating you and your love.